Friday, June 10, 2011


I had recently read an article in National Geographic about dreams. One of the photos – amongst the many lavish spreads of photographs – showed people sleeping on the footpaths of Bombay. We will sleep anywhere if our eyes become heavy and our body aches for rest. The author of the same article also suggested that most of the major accidents (mostly in transportation) could have been averted, if the person manning the machines had a good night’s sleep. Given a choice we will all prefer to wake up late in the morning and also crawl in bed in the afternoon. But life needs to go on and long hours of sleep are always wishful thinking.
            In Goa however, we are still known to enjoy our afternoon siesta. On a sultry afternoon, a visit to the Panjim market confirmed this fondness for a nap. Along with the sounds and smells of the market, the sight of vendors sleeping in unique places and poses were a photographer’s delight. Like a steaming cup of tea in the morning, a brief nap in the afternoon seemed to be the order of the day. Perhaps, this is what is meant in Goa as business as usual. How I wish, the National Geographic article had included these sleeping beauties too having a s-s-s-snoring time!
HELLO, ANYONE THERE?: Business can wait, sleep cannot.
MERCHANT OF MELONS: This man takes a break.

BED OF COCONUTS: She is at home on any bed.

SHELTER OF SLEEP: Even light should not come in the way.

SIESTA-AH!: Can be as sweet as a mango!

THE SCENTS OF FLOWERS: Lulling them into sleep.

WELCOME TO THE MARKET: Along with the provisions also take home a health tip: Siesta is good for health!

All Pics by Dale Luis Menezes

(A version of this photo feature appeared on Gomantak Times, dt: June 10, 2011)

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