Saturday, September 3, 2011


The footpath leading to the Quepem market was ‘flooded’ with a variety of vegetables and fruits which go in the making of the matolli. The occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi was the ripe opportunity to have a look at some of the unusual flora which abounds in Goa’s hinterland. While capturing these pictures, some of the fruits and vegetables were identified with the help of the villagers themselves who had temporarily set shop on the footpath.

The reader can help by providing the English and the scientific names  (if possible) for the fruits and vegetables in the following photos in the 'comments' section. 

A woman selling (L-R) puddya-katre, kangllim, mattu-katre.


 Allum seen in the middle.
Bhende and vaingim among other vegetables.

This woman has zayo too.

Nirponnos, toranj, supari among other fruits and vegetables.

The footpath has been taken over.

Humkollam and chenya-follam.

Passion fruit.

“Oh! These rains,” this woman seems to be murmuring.

A woman with a load of mattu-katre and other fruits.


All photos by Dale Luis Menezes.

(A version of this photo feature appeared on Gomantak Times, dt: September 3, 2011)

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